Our Management

Huy & Brothers Company Limited is well-known and recognized in Vietnam and throughout the international agro products community for its leadership and commitment towards continuous improvement in quality, reliability and pursuit of excellence in the Agro-products industry. The company is determined to continually act in a manner that enhances quality and business potential in the pursuit of the company’s objectives to be the best organization in every business the group participates in.

As a result of Huy & Brothers Company Limited ‘s determination and effort, the company has become a one of reputed company in the agro-products industry in relation to asset growth, performance, sales volume and profit.

Realizing that the Huy & Brothers Company Limited  can’t rest on it’s earlier successes, Huy & Brothers Company Limited continues to move forward under her guiding mission statement which is: “To perpetually learn and develop and to be the best in the Agro-products industry”. Huy & Brothers Company Limited ’s ultimate aim is to respond to the needs of customers by being an expert and experienced player in the full cycle of Agro-products distribution from plantation, trees to customers.

The Huy & Brothers Company Limited could not have achieved its current leadership status without the trust and strong support from business partners, customers, employees, financial institutions and all parties concerned from both the local and international partners.

Huy & Brothers Company Limited reaffirms that they will continue to maintain their standard of high quality and will never cease to learn and develop for the benefit of its customers.