Corporate Profile

Huy & Brothers Company Limited was founded in 2009 under the management of Mr. Tan Quang Huy, who had more than 30 years of experience in the international commercial trading, exporting of Vietnam Agro-products such as Natural Rubber, Black/Green Tea, Spices, Grains: Green Robusta Coffee, Long Grain Milled Rice, Cashew Nut Kernels and soft commodities;  importing material such as fertilizer, steel products, agro-chemical- pesticide, raw cotton, oil products…  for local industry. The initial capital of the Company was 18 Billions VN Dong.

The Company was initially set up as a Vietnamese producers and exporters of Agro-Products which are the major agricultural products in Vietnam. The management has continuously expanded the operation to support the growth of the domestic and international agricultural industry’s demands.

The Management commercial business experience have been accumulated since 1986 when Vietnam opened Market-Policy to world market and personnel reputation have been created strongly year by year.

The company has created partnerships with both domestic producers, processors, manufacturers and international  trading houses in long terms mutual benefit to support one another in their field with the availability of raw materials, technology and services. These partnerships are one of the key driving elements that will enable the company to become a fully integrated Vietnamese agro-products producers. In order to achieve competitiveness in the international arena, Huy & Brothers Company Limited has a partners in major regions to support the marketing activities and improve their ability to identify new market opportunities. This strengthens Huy & Brothers Company Limited ‘s position in the global market. The result of this continuous growth and expansion in production, trading and distribution, is that the company has achieved reasonable sales of Vietnam Agro-products, became a major exporter of Vietnam Argo-products.